A track consists of a series of points that include time and position information. Additional data may be stored with each point, such as elevation, temperature or heart rate information. Tracks are displayed as a series of virtual segments (or 'lines') superimposed between each pair of points in the sequence they were recorded to provide a visual representation of the path taken. It is important to remember these segments are not actually part of the recorded track.

View Track

  1. Double-click a track in the Library and Devices area.
  2. Select Center Map.

View Track Details

  1. Double-click a track.
  2. In the Properties tab, select one or more options:
    • Summary statistics for the whole track are displayed in the Statistics area.
    • To view statistics for a selection of points, hold the Shift key on your keyboard, and select a range of points. The statistics for the selected points will appear in the Statistics area.
    • To view additional information about each point, select the More Info check box.
    • To view a point on the map, select the Center Map check box, and select a point.

View Track Graph

You can view graphs of track information, including temperature, elevation, speed, heart rate, and cadence. You can also view a graph that includes multiple tracks. When viewing a graph for multiple tracks, some graph features may not be available.
  1. Select an option:
    • Double click a track.
    • To view a graph for multiple tracks, hold Ctrl while selecting desired tracks, then Right-click > Open.
  2. Click Graph.
  3. If available, from the drop-down lists, select the types of data to be displayed. When multiple data types are included in a track, two drop-down lists appear. You can view two different types of data on the graph by selecting different data types in each drop-down list.
  4. Select one or more options:
    • To view the locations of specific points in the graph, hold your mouse pointer over the graph.
      appears on the map to indicate the location of the highlighted point on the graph.
    • To view the properties for a specific point, click a point on the graph.
      indicates the location of the selected point on the map.
    • To compare the properties of two points, click two points on the graph.
      indicate the locations of the starting point and the ending point on the map.
    • To zoom in on a section of the chart, select the Zoom check box, and drag the edges of the highlighted area in the lower graph.

Create Track

You can create a track by clicking points on the map or by drawing your track on the map.
  1. Click My Collection, or click the desired list in My Collection.
  2. Click File > New > Track or select the New Track tool.
  3. Click points on the map to create a track between them, or click and drag to draw a track.
  4. To save the track to the Library, or to a selected device that supports creating tracks, right-click or press Esc on your keyboard.

Edit Track

Track Simulation

Copy Track

Drag and Drop any track(s) within BaseCamp to the desired List, or:

Delete Track

Import Track

Drag and Drop any track(s) from your computer or connected GPSr to the desired List, or:

Export Track

Drag and Drop any track(s) to the desired device, or: