Marine Map Data for your Garmin GPS Now as Close as your Computer

March 1, 2000

"Mariners get additional map detail thanks to the latest MapSource CD-ROM"

Olathe, Kan. -- GARMIN International, the leading manufacturer of navigation and communication electronics for the marine industry, introduces the latest offering in downloadable MapSource cartography for its GPS receivers -- U.S. Waterways & Lights CD-ROM.

The CD is designed to offer mariners map detail for both inland and offshore use. U.S. Waterways & Lights joins an impressive list of CD-ROMs in GARMIN's exclusive MapSource line, including U.S. Roads & Recreation, U.S. Topo, WorldMap and MetroGuide U.S.A.

Inland boaters can expect to find shoreline detail for lakes, reservoirs, waterways, rivers and streams, complete with icons identifying ramps, dams, facilities and danger areas. For offshore use, the CD provides excellent coastline detail including thousands of small islands.

The CD-ROM also contains nautical navigation aids for the U.S. such as a list of lights, sound signals, buoys and daybeacons. Thanks to the detail offered on the CD, mariners will be able to detect shipwrecks, submerged rocks and other obstructions. The CD-ROM even has a detailed U.S. map with cities, towns, highways and interstates. This CD does not contain bathymetric information.

The U.S. Waterways & Lights CD-ROM is compatible with several GARMIN handheld GPS units such as the GPS III Plus and the eMap, as well as two new fixed mount units -- the GPSMAP 162 and GPSMAP 168 Sounder. It will be available in April 2000 at a suggested retail price of $79.99.