Managing Location Data with BaseCamp

23 July 2009 @ 5:00 AM  / Trail Tech /

After using a Garmin handheld for a period time, users realize value in the data collected by their devices.  Stored waypoints to mark important locations; collected track logs record hikes along scenic trails or perhaps property boundaries for surveyed land.   Still other users plan hikes and trips at their computer and send the location-related data to their handheld GPS for use during their excursion.
Garmin's BaseCamp application is designed specifically for handheld GPS enthusiasts.  Along with supporting our topographic content, BaseCamp interfaces with handheld Garmin GPS devices and manages location-based content to get the most from each device.  This free desktop application for PC and Mac is available for download and easily extracts waypoints, tracks, and routes from a GPS and organizes the data on the computer; BaseCamp even enables transferring data back to your GPS - simply select the information to send to the device and BaseCamp handles the transfer.

BaseCamp works with every Garmin handheld, but newer devices such as the Dakota series and Oregon 550 devices do even more with BaseCamp than previous products.  Earlier mass storage devices imported and exported routes, waypoints, tracks, and geocaches using a GPX file format. However, these newer products share the GPX files with programs like BaseCamp, allowing BaseCamp to edit or remove location data from Garmin GPS devices - two features previously difficult to achieve on desktop applications.

This new functionality is particularly useful because it allows users to collect data in the field, expand on the location data at a computer, and immediately benefit by having the changes reflected on the device.