Personalize Your Map with Custom Symbols

10 March 2010 @ 11:35 AM  / Trail Tech /

Have you ever marked a waypoint and waded through a device’s complete collection of symbols searching for just the right symbol? Perhaps you wished you could make the existing symbols a little larger or a little smaller. With the latest beta firmware for Oregon 450 and 550, users can create entirely new or replacement symbols for waypoints and geocaches! New symbols are grouped together in the waypoint symbol list under the “Custom” heading.

If using Custom Symbols, please follow the guidelines below:
  • Symbols should be saved in the Garmin\CustomSymbols\ directory.
  • Symbols should be saved in a 24-bit Windows-style bitmap format. This format is selectable in Windows included "Paint" utility.
  • Symbols should be not exceed 32 pixels in width or height.
  • Replacement symbols should be named using the <sym> element in the waypoint’s GPX file (i.e. “Flag, Blue.bmp”).
  • New symbols can be given any other filename (i.e. “New Symbol.bmp”).
  • Custom Symbols should be limited 56 per device.
  • To make a pixel transparent, set its color to magenta (RGB = 255, 0, 255).
  • By default, a symbol drawn on the map will be centered on a waypoint. To adjust this “hot spot”, include the offset from the upper-left corner in the filename (i.e. Anchor.10x20.bmp)
  • Developers wishing to associate an enumerated symbol ID can include one in the filename (i.e. Anchor.7701.bmp).
  • To replace existing symbols, please see our complete listing of existing geocache and waypoint symbol names.