Understanding Track Archiving Improvements

10 March 2010 @ 11:35 AM  / Trail Tech /


GPS devices are great tools for telling people where they are and for guiding them where they want to go.  Sometimes they are overlooked for their ability to show people where they have been.  Garmin’s entire outdoor handheld line records this information in the active tracklog, up to 10,000 previous locations (typically enough to record a multi-day hike).  To support even longer activities, Garmin Colorado, Oregon, and Dakota devices use automatic track archiving.  When your tracklog is nearly full, the oldest activities are automatically archived in a GPX file, making room for new points to be recorded.  The archived activities can be retrieved from the \Garmin\GPX\Archive\ folder in mass storage mode.  Tracks added to the archive folder exist in addition to the 200 saved tracks allowed on the device.

In the latest firmware, Dakota, Oregon 450, and Oregon 550 devices add more utility to track archiving.  Beyond adding the ability to change the current track color, users of our Stopwatch application will be interested to note that activities completed while the stopwatch is running will be automatically archived as well.

Another enhancement for these devices is the ability to view archived tracks on the device.  If archived tracks are on the unit, an “Archived Tracks” option will appear in the Track Manager.  From this selection, you can select an archived track and make it a favorite.  Making an archived track a favorite adds it to your list of saved tracks, allowing it to be reviewed and navigated.  Favorite saved tracks can also be moved to the archive at any time, allowing only the most relevant tracks to appear in the saved track list. Using the new track archiving feature provides better overall track organization and better access to older track log data.