Paperless OpenCaching

22 September 2011 @ 11:57 AM  / Trail Tech /

With the latest releases of software for the Garmin Montana, Oregon x50, Dakota, GPSMAP 62 series and the new eTrex 20 and 30 come new additions to paperless geocaching, including some exciting new integration. Read on to find out how you can step up your geocaching game with a Garmin handheld.
Take Control with Geocaching Styles
We realize everyone geocaches a little differently than the next, and not everyone gets their geocaches from the same place, or even from a single place. With that in mind, we’ve designed these geocaching upgrades to automatically display everything in a format native to its source. That means if you have geocaches from multiple sources, your handheld will display each geocache in the way that that geocache is presented in its corresponding community.

If you want to ensure you see things in a preferred way, even when you have geocaches from multiple sources, simply select the preferred style from Geocaching Setup.

To Find, or Not to Find?
We’ve taken the most important geocache information and brought it all the way out to the Geocaching application’s list of geocaches. Geocaching information is now presented in a clear and compact way, making it easier than ever to choose your next find.
The same information now provided in the geocache list has also been added to the map. Find out in an instant what the geocache across the park is rated by simply selecting it on the map.
Lastly, your Geocaching Dashboard will now automatically display the nearest or active geocache information in its native format.
Down to the Details
Get more out of the geocache you care about by checking out the details on the review page. We’ve added more information from, including the complete rating, associated Tags, and the Series the geocache belongs to. For other geocaches, we’ve added the traditional indication of size.
Stay Organized with Filters

One great feature of is the fact that anyone can download as many geocaches as they want, as many times as they want. The ability to put that many geocaches on a handheld makes on-device organization incredibly important. We’ve updated our filtering page to automatically detect what filtering details apply to the geocaches on your device, unless you’ve chosen a specific style.

For you enthusiasts, we’ve even brought a full-scale version of filtering to your handheld that behaves exactly the way the website does. To use the OpenCaching Filter page, you must set your Geocaching Style to “”. You can also use this filter in “Auto” if you have only geocaches from on your handheld.

Currently Supported Handhelds
Garmin Montana, Oregon x50, Dakota, GPSMAP 62 series and eTrex 20/30, more to come soon!