VIRB Remote

20 August 2013 @ 4:24 PM  / Trail Tech /

Garmin's line of VIRB action cameras can be remotely controlled from up to 10 meters using compatible Garmin devices and ANT+ technology. By updating your Garmin device's software, a new "VIRB Remote" application will be available to add to your menus. 

To use a Garmin device to control a VIRB, first make sure that "Remote" is enabled on your VIRB, found under Setup > Remote.

Next, on your Garmin device, add the VIRB Remote application to one of your menus using Setup > Main Menu > Add New. After you've done this, launch the VIRB Remote application. The device will immediately begin searching for a nearby VIRB. When your Garmin device has connected to a VIRB, the status on your device will display "Connected". You can now start and stop video recording, as well as take still photos, right from your Garmin device. While recording video, the record time will be displayed in the status area on your Garmin device.


It's that simple! If in the future you need to remotely control a different VIRB, your Garmin device will need to be re-sync'd to the new VIRB. To do so, select "Search For New" in the option menu for handheld devices or press-and-hold both UP and DOWN arrows for watch devices. Your Garmin device will then search for a new VIRB and connect to the first one it finds.
  Currently supported Garmin models include:
  • Oregon 650/600
  • Oregon 550/450
  • Montana 650/600
  • fenix
  • quatix
  • tactix
  • D2
  • GPSMAP 64 series
  • GPSMAP 62 series
  • GPSMAP 78 series
  • eTrex 30
  • Dakota 20
  • zūmo 390
  • Edge 510/800/810