Garmin Discontinues Oregon 7x0 with No Replacement Announced

Sunday, 1 August 2021, 6:00 am CST

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Sometime during the night, under cover of darkness, in August 2021, Garmin have quietly and unceremoniously added the Oregon 7x0 to their Discontinued Products page without announcing a replacement, effectively killing the product line.

Originally launched in June 2016, the Oregon 7x0 was an evolutionary update to the three year old Oregon 6x0 series. The new Oregon 7x0 series models provided many highly anticipated and well received improvements:

"We are thrilled to introduce an update to the Oregon series of handhelds," said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales. "The redesigned antenna paired with new features like Active Weather, Geocaching Live and Connect IQ compatibility make these new Oregon units the ultimate rugged outdoor devices that can be completely customized to each user."

Frequently referenced as the 'Best Bang for the Buck', the Oregon 7x0 series was a favorite of consumers that included many features found only in larger and more expensive models.

The Oregon 7x0 series is the fourth generation navigator to wear the Oregon name, and was the succesor to the wildy popular and revolutionary Oregon 6x0 series announced in January 2013. Previous generations included the Oregon x50 announced in December 2009, an evolutionary update to the original Oregon x00 series first introduced in July 2008.

This is a major departure from Garmin's standard operating procedure of announcing a successor either prior to or simultaneously with the previous models discontinuation. While the product currently remains available for purchase on the Garmin website, it has been confirmed that when inventory is depleted, there will be no more.

Now the Montana 7x0 is the only outdoor recreation touchscreen GPSr currently in production while the eTrex x2x series becomes the only compact 'patch antenna' navigator currently available, leaving a huge empty space in their product line-up.