Map Selection Improvements

2 September 2010 @ 3:38 PM  / Trail Tech /

In the 62/78 series, Montana and eTrex 10/20/30 we have improved the way maps are enabled/disabled. Multiple supplemental map files can now be loaded to a device and to fully take advantage of that we have changed map selection to allow the greatest amount of configurability.

This may result in some people needing to change how they configure and load maps. In the past, only a single map file with multiple map sets was possible and accommodating different combinations on the unit was more difficult. Now, desired map set combinations can be built into multiple files prior to loading on the device and each of those files can then be independently enabled/disabled on the device. This allows a maximum amount of configurability while simplifying the setup needed on the device.

Our free utility, BaseCamp, supports multiple map files on a device. Build up any desired map sets that you would want to enable/disable independently and then transfer as before. Now, change the name of the new map file on the device from “gmapsupp.img” to a name that makes sense for the usage (e.g. “topo and roads for hiking trip.img”). This custom file name will show up in the map selection list on the device (Setup > Map > Map Information). If more configurability is desired on the device, split previously combined map sets into multiple map files (e.g. “topo for hiking trip.img” and “roads for hiking trip.img”). Utilizing profiles further enhances this option as multiple files can be enabled/disabled at the same time with a simple profile change.