New Garmin GPSr


I just unboxed my new Garmin GPSr! Now What?

Congratulations! You are the proud new owner of a Garmin handheld personal navigation device! You're probably just aching to power the GPSr on and get outside right away, but your new Garmin GPSr is not quite ready yet. It is highly recommended you first complete the tasks below to ensure your Garmin GPSr is prepared with all the latest features and fully able to provide you with the best user experience possible.
  1. Install a screen protector (if desired)
  2. Install the Garmin Battery Pack (if applicable) or fresh AA batteries
  3. Power the unit on by pressing and releasing the power button
  4. Select your desired language
  5. Connect the Garmin GPSr to your computer via USB cable
  6. Complete Garmin driver installation when necessary
  7. Run Garmin Express to check for and install any available device updates
  8. Create a custom startup message (may help promote return if lost)
  9. Save an archival backup of your device
  10. Load additional maps to enhance your navigation experience
  11. Rename [GPSr]\Garmin\GGZ\preload.ggz to [GPSr]\Garmin\GGZ\preload.old (this disables outdated pre-loaded geocache data)
  12. Allow the device battery sufficient time to charge completely
  13. Visit the GPSrChive page for your model and read the Features, Function, Operation and Setup pages to familiarize yourself with your new GPSr
  14. Once fully charged, power the GPSr on and place it outdoors with a clear view of the sky for ~15 minutes to perform a first time location initialization
  15. While you're waiting, check the Discussion Forum and Common Issues pages for your model to see what others are saying about their Garmin GPSr
  16. Now go outdoors and enjoy your new Garmin GPSr!