The Artist Formerly Known as Activity History



Activity Limits



Activity Management



Select Activity

View saved activities Scroll to view all activities Select desired activity Open [Current Activity]



View Activity Info

Select desired activity Open Information Tab Scroll to view all information

[Delete] [Copy Reversed] [Save as Track] [Activities Setup]



View Activity Map

Select desired activity Open Map Tab Select [Info Box] View activity details

[Review Track] [Map Setup] [Restore Defaults]



View Activity Plot

Select desired activity Open Elevation Plot Tab Select desired plot point
[View Map]

Selected location shown on map Select [Info Box] View point details
[Save as Waypoint]



Edit Activity Color

Select [Color] Scroll available colors Select desired color Activity Color is updated



Activity Visibility

Select [Show On Map Off] Activity will show on map Select [Show On Map On] Activity hidden on map



Save as Track

Select desired activity [Save as Track] [OK]



Copy Reversed

Select [Copy Reversed] Edit Activity Name if desired
Reversed Activity is saved




Delete Activity

Select [Delete] Select [Delete] to proceed Select [Cancel] to abort